Calculate chart/project size

The size of your finished object depends on your yarn, needles and tension. This guide will help you calculate the size of your project.

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How to make a sample swatch

1. Make a sample swatch of your project.

2. Measure the size of your sample swatch.

3. Enter the size of your sample swatch in the table.

4. Enter the desired size of your finished project.

 Sample swatchCompleted project
 Size (inch)Stitch countSize (inch)Stitch count
 Total:0 stitches
How many stitches are there in a width of 4 inch?


  • Use the same yarn and needles for the swatch and the project.
  • You can make the sample swatch as big as you want. A larger swatch is more accurate. Make it at least 4 inch.
  • The size of your finished project is an indication.
  • The numbers belong to your way of working. Someone else may end up with something different using the same yarn and needles. This depends on how loose or tight you work.
  • Will you be doing multiple projects with the same yarn and needles? Write down the size of your sample, so you can use it again for your next project.