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About Stitch Fiddle

Be your own knitting, crochet or cross stitch pattern designer with Stitch Fiddle.

What is Stitch Fiddle?

Stitch Fiddle is an online knitting, cross stitch and crochet pattern design community.


Helping crafters spend less time on designing, to have more time for crafting


Make designing easy, accessible and intuitive to every crafter

Why Stitch Fiddle?

Many people dream about creating their own unique designs. With Stitch Fiddle we help making this dream come true.

The most difficult task of the design process is creating the charts, which is the reason why we started with it as our first service. More tools become available one after another.

We do a good job, when you spend less time on designing, so you have more time for doing the actual crafting.

How it started

Stitch Fiddle originated from our own needs in March 2015. Existing solutions were expensive and difficult to use.

The first version was only for color charts, without being able to save them, print, symbols, etc. After enthusiastic reactions of other people we made it available other people. From there Stitch Fiddle is growed and developed daily.

In December 2015, Stitch Fiddle became a registered company at the Chamber of Commerce.

Where we are today

Thousands of users are signing up each month.

All basic functions for designing charts are available. More advanced features are added every week.

The future: Setting ambitious goals

There are promising ideas on the roadmap.

The list below mentions some highlights. Note that it takes some time to get there. The current focus is dedicated to the charts before we proceed to the next stage. Read about this journey in the weblog.

- Collaboration between users to work together on designs at the same time, including option to leave notes, chat, track changes and see contributions from each other, etc.;
- Charts from written instructions, and written instructions to charts. Researching is going on to do the same for freeform crochet charts;
- Word processor to write documents dedicated to pattern writing. Easily add multiple charts, schematics and photos to your pattern document. Update document automatically after changing a chart (no need to manually download and import anymore, files are always up-to-date);
- Symbol design tool;
- Schematic design tool;
- Circular charts for mochila crochet;
- Automatically check chart for possible issues;
- Multilingual charts with automated translation;
- Tech editor directory: Match users with each other to start working together and help each other;
- Collaboration with local yarn stores and webshops: Mix and match yarn for color charts and know where to buy;
- Integration with other apps and websites (API);
- Publish patterns from Stitch Fiddle to other sites, push changes (even after publishing) from Stitch Fiddle to users and sites where you've published your pattern;
- Share charts between users and manage their access rights.
- ... or in short: Make designing easy, to spend more time on the actual crafting.

Curious about the progress and where we are today? Follow the weblog.