Who we are: The Stitch Fiddle team

Although the page title suggests otherwise, I work alone. My name is Sander and I'm the owner and founder of Stitch Fiddle.

I've been programming since I was a child of 8 years old. Since that time I've always been dreaming about building my own online software company. Early 2015 I started Stitch Fiddle to help people create their own designs for crafting. I'm not a crafter myself, but there are always kind people in our Facebook group who likes to share their feedback about what they need or struggle with, which lets me keep improving Stitch Fiddle.

I've built Stitch Fiddle in such a way that everything is completely automated, to keep my hands and head free to focus on bringing Stitch Fiddle to the next level.

I'm working on large projects for the next years, which will be rolled out later on. My current focus is at the design product, but my vision for the future is to let users interact more with each other, as well as with webshops and other brands to become more like a full blown solution for all handcrafted design aspects.

I'm still working solo most of the time, but if you're a freelance Social Media/Community Manager or Graphics/UX Designer, and you're located in The Netherlands (Europe), feel free to contact me with a proposal for working together. You'll be working with a growing and very engaged community of 500,000 crafters worldwide!

Happy crafting and let your creativity flow :)


Sander de Bruijne

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