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Registration number at Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 64683923
Date of Foundation: March 2015
VAT number: NL001103054B52

How we pay our bills

The basic features of Stitch Fiddle can be used for free, and will always be free. Running a service like Stitch Fiddle can't be done without making a lot of costs. Money has to be earned in order to be able to cover the costs, and to keep our servers and team working. We do this by offering the Premium version, which gives you access to many additional benefits and features.


More than 800,000 crafters have created an account. On average, a new chart is added to the database every minute. Multiple charts are updated every single second.


Use this address to write us:

Stitch Fiddle
Box A0645
Keurenplein 41
1069 CD Amsterdam
The Nederlands

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