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k1 elongk1 elongated11
k1 elong twicek1 elongated twice11
k1 elong 3 timesk1 elongated 3 times11
p1 elongp1 elongated11
p1 elong twicep1 elongated twice11
p1 elong 3 timesp1 elongated 3 times11
coCast on01
boBind off10
e-coCast on elongated01
coCast on01
boBind off10
boBind off10
Indicates stitch remaining on right needle after completing a bind-off00
turn to rsTurn to RS00
turn to wsTurn to WS00
w&tWrap and turn00
w&t to rsWrap and turn to RS00
w&t to wsWrap & turn to WS00
plmPlace marker00
slmSlip marker00
mmlMove marker 1 stitch to the left00
mmrMove marker 1 stitch right00
mm2lMove marker 2 stitches to the left00
mm2rMove marker 2 stitches to the right00
pblLeft twist purl braid11
pbrRight twist purl braid11
srlShort row left11
srrShort row right11
catch strandsCatch strands11
cl2Cluster 2 stitches22
cl3Cluster 3 stitches33
cl4Cluster 4 stitches44
cl5Cluster 5 stitches55
cl6Cluster 6 stitches66
cl7Cluster 7 stitches77
cl8Cluster 8 stitches88
cl9Cluster 9 stitches99
cl10Cluster 10 stitches1010
cl11Cluster 11 stitches1111
cl12Cluster 12 stitches1212
wrap 2 stsWrap 2 stitches22
wrap 3 stsWrap 3 stitches33
wrap 4 stsWrap 4 stitches44
wrap 5 stsWrap 5 stitches55
wrap 6 stsWrap 6 stitches66
wrap 7 stsWrap 7 stitches77
wrap 8 stsWrap 8 stitches88
wrap 9 stsWrap 9 stitches99
wrap 10 stsWrap 10 stitches1010
wrap 11 stsWrap 11 stitches1111
wrap 12 stsWrap 12 stitches1212
yo-k2-pyooYarn over, k2, pass yarn over over 2 knitted stitches22
yo-k3-pyooYarn over, k3, pass yarn over over 3 knitted stitches33
yo-k4-pyooYarn over, k4, pass yarn over over 4 knitted stitches44
yo-k5-pyooYarn over, k5, pass yarn over over 5 knitted stitches55
daisy over 3stDaisy stitch over 3 stitches33
daisy over 5stDaisy stitch over 5 stitches55
daisy over 3stDaisy stitch over 3 stitches33
daisy over 5stDaisy stitch over 5 stitches55

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