Cross stitch embroidery floss

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Anchor445 colors
Coats & Clark Machine Embroidery59 colors
DMC489 colors
DMC Coloris24 colors
DMC Etoile35 colors
DMC Light Effects36 colors
DMC Satin60 colors
DMC Variations60 colors
DMC Variegated18 colors
Durable Embroidery48 colors
Forbidden Fiber Co Embroidery Thread275 colors
Kreinik Blending Filament106 colors
Kreinik Metallic #04 Very Fine Braid210 colors
Kreinik Metallic #08 Fine Braid196 colors
Kreinik Metallic #12 Tapestry Braid78 colors
Kreinik Metallic #16 Medium Braid174 colors
Kreinik Metallic #24 Canvas Braid55 colors
Kreinik Metallic #32 Heavy Braid123 colors
Lecien Cosmo #25 Floss462 colors
Lecien Cosmo #5 Floss63 colors
Lecien Cosmo Nishikiito48 colors
Lecien Cosmo Punchneedle20 colors
Lecien Cosmo Sashiko Hidamari40 colors
Lecien Cosmo Seasons 500040 colors
Lecien Cosmo Seasons 800040 colors
Lecien Cosmo Seasons 900020 colors
Madeira Classic 1257 colors
Madeira Classic 30178 colors
Madeira Classic 40387 colors
Madeira Classic 6085 colors
Madeira Mouline379 colors
Madeira Mouline Metallic22 colors
Mill Hill Bugle Beads23 colors
Mill Hill Glow-in-the-Dark Beads6 colors
Mill Hill Pebble Beads20 colors
Mill Hill Seed Beads122 colors
Mill Hill Seed-Antique Beads71 colors
Mill Hill Seed-Frosted Beads35 colors
Mill Hill Seed-Petite Beads40 colors
Paintbox Crafts Stranded Cotton277 colors
Presencia Mouline288 colors
Presencia Mouline Metallic18 colors
Presencia Mouline Variegated33 colors
Presencia Perle Finca123 colors
Presencia Perle Finca Variegated30 colors
Sullivans Six-Strand489 colors
Vineyard Silk Classic242 colors
Vineyard Silk Merino Wool241 colors
Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool44 colors

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