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Stitch Fiddle uses cookies to make Stitch Fiddle usable to you.

Functional cookies

Stitch Fiddle sets two cookies: 'stitchfiddlecomSessionId' and 'stitchfiddlecomSessionKey'
These two functional cookies are used to identify your session, which enables you to login.
The maximum retention period of these functional cookies is 30 days.

Free of tracking cookies

Stitch Fiddle doesn't use any tracking cookies.

External cookies: Google

The contact form shows a CAPTCHA verification code to protect Stitch Fiddle from spam bots. Google ReCAPTCHA is used for this purpose and may set a few temporarily cookies to enable this protection. This only applies to you on the contact page and when not logged in.


Stitch Fiddle may change the cookie policy at any time. This page always shows you the last version.

For questions regarding the cookies you may contact us.

The cookie policy is last updated October 3rd, 2017.

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