Copyright policy

Stitch Fiddle respects the intellectual property rights of others and we expect people on Stitch Fiddle to do the same.

After valid claim

In case of receipt and successful review of a valid claim, sent and truthfully completed by the original author or authorized person, the concerned page is taken offline.

In most cases, response will take place within 48 hours, but within a maximum of 28 days.

User who published it

The user who published the content receives an email with a warning message and with the request to verify his or her other content for violations.

The user has 7 days to respond to this message. If the user does not respond within 7 days, the account can be temporarily suspended.

Repeated infringements

It is our policy to suspend accounts of users who repeatedly infringe intellectual property rights or other kinds of abuse.

Only when published

These rules only apply to published content. Files saved privately in user accounts are not covered by these rules.

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Prevention is better than cure

The following measures are taken to minimize abuse:

  • Publishing the page you are reading now;
  • Users can only share charts when they have activated and verified their account;
  • The Notice & Takedown form;
  • The link "Report this page" below every page with content published by users;
  • Each time a user shares content, the user must (re-)confirm the material does not contain copyright violations or other kinds of abuse;
  • Notice at the top of the page when: "Please remember before sharing: be respectful of artwork that is not yours!"
  • Shared charts are not searchable and we ask search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to not index shared content;

Submit claim

A claim is submitted using the Notice & Takedown form.

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