Download & Print

After creating your chart, you can print your chart or download it as a file.

Download chart

To download your chart as a file, click "Download" in the menu.

Print chart

Download your chart as a PDF file to print your chart.


Do you really need to print your chart?

When working on your project, you can use the progress tracker on your computer, tablet or phone to highlight rows. Learn more.

To share your chart, you can set access to your chart to public, or share your chart privately with a limited number of users. Learn more.

Publish chart as pattern

To publish your chart, you can download your chart as file and add it to a text document, like Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office or Google Docs.

Note that Google Docs doesn't support vector images.

We advise to choose Libre Office if you don't have a particular preference yet.

Legend (key)

The legend (key) is the list of descriptions for each color or symbol used in your chart. You can download the legend as a separate image or add it as part of the image.

At the moment, it is not possible yet to download the legend for free form crochet charts. This feature becomes available soon.

Grid lines

You can customize the look and feel of the grid lines. In the menu, click "Chart settings", and navigate to the "Grid" tab.

Learn more about this feature on the helppage about the gridlines.

Print / Image quality

Choose to use vector images to get best image quality. The quality of raster images is limited. Vector files give an excelent print quality.

Want to learn more about the difference between raster and vector images? You can read a lot about it on internet:

Make your chart larger: Split over multiple pages

Split your chart over multiple pages to make your chart larger and the numbers easier to read. When downloading your chart, you can choose the number of pages to use.

Free form crochet charts are always on one page.


For image files, you can choose the image size. By default, the image size is set to "Medium", which scales the image to a width of 1200 pixels.

Small: 600 pixels wide
Medium: 1200 pixels wide
Large: 2000 pixels wide

Choose "Custom" for more options, which lets you enter the image size manually in Inch, mm, cm or pixels. If you enter the image height, the image width is adjusted automatically. If you enter the image width, the image height is adjusted automatically.

SVG vector files

The SVG files are fully compatible with Inkscape and Illustrator.

Objects are divided in separate layers, which lets you easily edit your chart.

For freeform crochet charts, the layers are the same as you've created them in Stitch Fiddle.

Grid charts have a fixed number of separate layers:

  • A layer for grouping all the symbols used in your chart
  • A layer for the grid lines
  • A layer for grouping every 5th and 10th highlighted grid line
  • A layer for the lines you have drawn by yourself
  • A layer for the row and column numbers
  • A layer for the legend (description of the color and symbols)

The layer structure lets you easily toggle layers or do further editing.

The texts and fonts can be changed: The row numbers and column numbers, and the legend, are text objects.

The symbols are "symbols" (not a font), which let's you easily exchange the SVG files with other people.

Further editing

Would you like to do further editing of your chart outside Stitch Fiddle? Download your chart as SVG file and edit it in Inkscape or Illustrator. It's also possible to download color charts as Excel file.

Supported file types

Charts can be downloaded as many different file types.

Work is going on behind the scenes to push the technical limits to support even larger charts and more file types. Looking for something in particular? Tell us your story.

Vector images (color charts)

Vector images have an excellent print quality.
Here's the list of supported vector file types and their maximum allowed grid sizes for color charts.

1 page300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300
2-4 pages300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300
5-9 pages300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300
10-16 pages300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300

Vector images (symbol charts)

Vector images have an excellent print quality.
Here's the list of supported vector file types and their maximum allowed grid sizes for symbol charts.

1 page150x150300x300150x150300x300150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150
2-4 pages150x150300x300150x150300x300150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150
5-9 pages150x150300x300100x100300x300150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150
10-16 pages150x150300x300100x100300x300100x100100x100100x100150x150100x100

Raster images (color charts)

Here's the list of supported raster image types and their maximum allowed grid sizes for color charts.

1 page300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300
2-4 pages300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300150x150300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300300x300
5-9 pages300x300300x300250x250300x300300x300N/A300x300200x200N/A300x300300x300N/A300x300300x300300x300
10-16 pages300x300300x300N/A200x200200x200N/A250x250N/AN/A200x200200x200N/A300x300300x300300x300

Raster images (symbol charts)

Here's the list of supported raster image types and their maximum allowed grid sizes for symbol charts.

1 page150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150150x150
2-4 pages150x150150x150100x100150x150100x100N/A150x150100x100N/A150x150100x100N/A150x150150x150150x150
5-9 pages150x150100x100N/A150x150100x100N/A100x100N/AN/A150x150100x100N/A150x150150x150100x100
10-16 pages100x100N/AN/A100x100N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A100x100N/AN/A100x100100x100N/A

Free form crochet charts

The download options for grid charts are limited based on the grid size.
For free form crochet charts, you can use as many symbols as you need, without limitations for downloading.

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