For most features, you need to create an account to use it.

E-mail signup

After entering your e-mail, you're asked to confirm your e-mail address by clicking an activation link in the message you'll receive after your signup.

Depending on your internet provider, it takes between a few minutes or - very occasionally - several hours, before the message arrives in your mailbox.

Possibly the message is in your spam or junk folder.

Facebook signup

Signing up with your Facebook account activates your account immediately.

By signing up with Facebook, your e-mail address, first name, last name, and user identification number are imported from Facebook.

Stitch Fiddle does not receive your friends list and does not receive access to your timeline.

If signing up using Facebook shows an error message, it's caused most probably because your e-mail is not verified within your Facebook account. You should signup with your e-mail instead.

Change e-mail address

In your account settings, you can change, add or remove e-mail addresses from or to your account. 

Change password

In your account settings, you can change the password of your account. You need to enter your old password to change your password. If you haven't set your password before, you can leave your old password blank.

When you are logged in from multiple locations or different devices, those sessions are logged out automatically after updating your password.

Forgot password?

When you log in, click the "Forgot password" button to reset your password. You receive an e-mail with instructions how to reset your password.

The link is valid for a maximum of 24 hours after submitting your request and expires automatically.

The link also expires immediately after you have used it to set your new password. You can use the link only once.

Merge accounts

Do you have two separate accounts which you would like to merge into one single account? Please use the contact form and ask for assistence.


Your e-mail address is used for receiving messages about your account, security settings, orders, or other information related to your account. You won't receive promotional e-mails or spam from Stitch Fiddle.

To connect with other Stitch Fiddle users for sharing charts or working together on projects, you'll use the same e-mail address.


In your account settings, you can logout.

Deactivate account

In your account settings, you can deactivate your account.

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This page was last updated September 18, 2017.