Does Stitch Fiddle not work optimally or having issues using Stitch Fiddle? This pages describes how to fix it.

Close and re-open

Many issues can be easily fixed closing and re-opening Stitch Fiddle. Use the Refresh button of your browser or close the tab or window and navigate to Stitch Fiddle again.

Slow response time / Zoom issues

Make sure zooming using your browser is disabled. In the View menu of your browser, there's an option called "Actual zoom" (or something similar), which disables browser zooming.

When browser zooming is used accidentally, it makes Stitch Fiddle respond very slow, so make sure it is disabled. In some cases, you need to restart your browser before Stitch Fiddle becomes fast again.

Disable browser zoom

Clear browser cache

Clearing your browser cache may correct many issues.

Clearing your cache just deletes temporary data that is stored on your device and won’t affect any of your saved files and settings.

Don't know how to clear your browser cache? Here's a website which describes it well:

No luck? Try restarting your browser or device

Try closing your browser and starting it again.

It may help to shut down or reboot your device.

Issues with plugins or other software

It may be possible a plugin, browser addon or other software or apps ire running on your device which alters pages without noticing you. Try disable plugins or addons enabled in your browser, preferably one at a time (e.g., ad blockers, trackers, translation software, but also: a virus, spyware, etc.).

If you found software or settings which are incompatible with Stitch Fiddle, please let us know, so we can either fix it or mention it on this page, so it could help other people as well.

Browser recommendation

Use the latest version of the Chrome browser to get the best performance:

Make sure you don't have too many tabs opened in your browser. Sometimes it can help to restart your browser or even your computer when Stitch Fiddle stays slow. It should respond fast when everything is set fine.


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