Files & Folders

Chart title (Name)

After opening the chart, click "Chart settings" in the menu to change to title of your chart.


Easily organize your charts into folders. This lets you easily group related charts together and find them easier and quicker.

You manage your folders on this page.

After opening a chart, you can click "Chart settings" in the "File" menu, which lets you can choose the folder where you'd like to save the chart.

Delete chart

On your computer: Open the "File" menu and click "Delete chart".

On your phone or tablet: In the menu, click "Chart settings". Navigate to the "More" tab and tap the "Delete chart"-button.

When you delete a chart, it is moved to the "Deleted charts" folder.

You can restore a deleted chart within one week. To restore a deleted chart, you only have to open it again, and it is restored automatically.

After one week, a chart is deleted permanently and be removed from your "Deleted charts" folder. It's not possible to restore it anymore.

Can't find your charts?

Can't find the charts you're looking for in your account which you've saved before? Probably you logged in with a different account the previous time.

Your account is linked to your e-mail address. If you login next time with a different e-mail address, you can't access the chart of your previous account, because they are different accounts.

It is also possible you signed up with your Facebook account the previous time, and now logged in with your e-mail, or vice versa.

A saved chart never gets lost, so it must be there in one account or another. You have to delete a chart by yourself explicitly, so it must be saved in a different account.

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