Integrations / API

You can integrate your own website, app, newsletter or other media types with Stitch Fiddle. What is described on this page is technical, you don't need to understand it if you're a user of Stitch Fiddle.

Creating a blank chart

You can create a blank chart by creating a link to the create chart page. When creating a chart, you will see the link in the address bar changes, according to your chosen specs. You can share this link.

Here's an example link, which creates a blank chart with 30 columns and 25 rows:

You can customize the column count and row count in the link. The craft and project type are also part of the link (color knitting in this example).

Here's the full list of parameters:

- columnCount: Sets the column count
- rowCount: Sets the row count
- gaugeHorizontal: Sets the horizontal gauge
- gaugeVertical: Sets the vertical gauge
- submit: Add submit=1 as an extra parameter, which skips the chart setup step and immediately opens the blank chart.

This feature can be used without having a Stitch Fiddle account.

Do you need a setup option which isn't listed? Please let us know.

Sharing chart access

You can share a chart and grant access to other users. This way you can let other people use your chart, use the progress tracker (row highlighter), download your chart (disabled by default), or create a copy or your chart to do their own customizations (disabled by default). You can share the link to your chart on your website, social media or newsletter. Learn more about sharing charts.

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