Written instructions

To show the written instructions of a chart, go to the "File" menu and click "Written instructions".

What to expect

When you convert a chart into written instructions, you first enter the name (or abbreviation) of each stitch or color used in your pattern. For each row/round, it gives you the written instructions.

Here's an example of how it could look like for a crochet c2c pattern (this can be highly customized):
Row 1: red (1 st)
Row 2: red, blue (2 sts)
Row 3: 2x red, blue (3 sts)
Row 4: red, 2x blue, red (4 sts)
... and so on and on...

Example knitting pattern:
Rnd 1: k3, p3 (6 sts.)
Rnd 2: p3, k3 (6 sts.)

What this feature does, is automatically converting your chart into a written pattern.


Written instructions are not available for cross stitch and freeform crochet charts. All other kind of charts can be converted into written instructions.

Generating written instructions for knitting charts, crochet charts, and c2c crochet (corner 2 corner).

For c2c patterns, you can choose the corner you'd like to start from (all four corners are supported).

For knitting charts, you can choose to start your work at front of work (RS), back of work (WS) or knitting in the round (circular knitting). Horizontal repeats and vertical (row) repeats are both supported.

Copy and paste

The written instructions can be copied as plaintext or as markdown.

Plaintext is text without any markup. You can use it to copy the written instructions to Word.

To copy the written instructions to a forum (e.g., Ravelry), you can copy the written instructions as markdown, so the markup copied as well. Most forums and weblogs supports the markdown format.

Increase or decrease c2c crochet

Where you see "corner" in the written instructions for a c2c crochet project, you need to switch from increasing to decreasing (or from decreasing to increasing).

Knitting repeats

Repeats for knitting charts are indicated by enclosing the stitch into lines which you can draw. After drawing the lines, click with your right mouse button on the color in the palette at the left side of your screen to set the repeat count on the 'More' tab.

'No stitch' in knitting/crochet charts

To indicate 'no stitch' for a particular stitch (color or symbol), click with your right mouse button on the color in the palette af the left side of your screen, navigate to the "More" tab and choose the option to indicate it as 'no stitch'. The stitch won't be included in the written instructions anymore.

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