Pixel crochet / c2c

In Stitch Fiddle, a graphgan of pixel pattern is always called a chart.

To create a graphgan chart, choose "Crochet" and "Crochet with color" when creating your chart.

You can choose to upload a picture or to make your design by yourself.

Where you read 'stitches' in Stitch Fiddle, you can consider them as 'blocks' or 'squares' when making a graphgan.


The size of your finished object depends on your tension, chart size, needle size, and yarn.

Here are some useful resources to learn more:



How much yarn do I need?

How much yarn you need depends on your tension, chart size, needle size, and yarn.

You can search on Google to learn more, there are many useful resources online available:


Written instructions

You can convert your pixel pattern into written instructions. What you'll get is something like this (this can be highly customized):

Row 1: red (1 st)
Row 2: red, blue (2 sts)
Row 3: 2x red, blue (3 sts)
Row 4: red, 2x blue, red (4 sts)
... and so on and on...

Where you see "corner" in the C2C written instructions, you need to switch from increasing to decreasing (or from decreasing to increasing).

Read more about written instructions

Progress tracker

Click the progress tracker button to keep track of your progress while working on your project.

Tip: Design your pixel pattern on your computer, and login with same account on your phone or tablet to keep track of your progress.

Guide to c2c crochet

View this page for a guide to c2c crochet: https://www.thespruce.com/corner-to-corner-crochet-3897715

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